Tuesday, January 26, 2016

InfoObject Hierarchy Issue(Time related update issues)

         Many a times we face an issue with hierarchies in BW. Organisational hierarchies are sometimes mentioned with their validity date in ECC (Enterprise Central Component). These are maintained by the organisation and we load them as it is in BW.

As observed in the above image, we have a "Time Dependent Structure" in ECC.

We have a condition where orphaned entries in ECC (those whose validity has expired) still reflect in BW thus affecting report level data. 

The data loads are normal and remain unchanged since its design. On taking a closer look in the hierarchy tab of the COSTCENTER Infoobject:

So, in order for the valid from valid to to reflect in BW we need to tick Entire Hierarchy is time dependent/ Time dependent hierarchy structure. Entire Hierarchy is time dependent refreshes the entire hierarchy with each load taking into consideration the time boundaries as maintained in ECC. Time-Dependent Hierarchy structure however will only refresh the existing hierarchy and replace the individual nodes(if their position is changed in ECC). For instance, if Customer A belongs to hierarchy 'America' till 31.01.2016 and then is relocated to India; so his/her position in hierarchy will change and now he will belong to the 'Asia' node. This sort of refresh will be done by the option Time- Dependent Hierarchy structure.