Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The decision step boon:Process chains

Process chains form the backbone of SAP BW systems. If the data load is correct and scrutinized properly, half of the issues are resolved then and there itself. Yet in an organisation, it is given the least importance.

Process chains also open up wide spectrum of automation with increasing customisation with each release. For instance we have the decision step in SAP BI 7.x.  The decision step can be used to 'decide' the course of action if a condition set for that action is met or not. Consider the following scenario's:

1) The process chain part should be run only on saturdays

DATE_WEEKDAY1 (SYST-DATUM) Calculate Weekday Number from current Date

2) The process chain part should only run on 02nd day of each month.

RIGHT( 2, Current Date ) = '02'    will fetch the last two characters of the date and checks if its 02

With these constructs it has become highly unlikely for a human to do such normal tasks. Going forward we can also use a combination of conditions which decides the course of action in the execution of process chain.
Consider the following business scenario:

" The asset data of an organisation needs to be loaded as full load at the end of each month after all adjustments have taken place"

This can be achieved using the decision step which lets the 'full infopackage run only when the day is a month end. If the above condition isnt satisfied, normal loads run and this is ignored.

2) We can use this to load plan data year wise in a semantic partition. If it is 2016, then only the 2016 partition will be loaded with data skipping other years. This will save unnecessary execution of other partitions and lead to an intelligent system.

It is highly recommended to use this construct for automation.

You can find the "Decision step" construct here:

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