Sunday, August 23, 2015

An Introduction

Hello Guys,this blog has been created with an intent to share our experiences at work in the domain of SAP BI.The basic purpose of starting a different blog is to share some unusual solutions to the problems which we faced during this tenure of working.

At the very onset, we would like to appeal to people who consider SAP just a tool with no programming to change their notions. Believe me, in just a tenure of 6 months, I, personally have had considerable exposure to SAP ABAP. We only run short of opportunities, many of which we should create. There is a very vast scope of automation in SAP be it process chains, reporting using Bex etc.
Albeit being a tool, SAP has made us go back to the engineering books and apply those concepts here for nailing the irregularities in the system.BI is an exciting domain to work in considering direct one-to-one interaction with users, taking users issue directly and also having the satisfaction of having solved them. It is more so because you might feel lucky enough to see the fruits of your solution rendering all smiles on the business users face.

Keeping these points in mind, we welcome you all to our blog as also invite you to collaboratively contribute to the content here, which you feel you must make the world know. It can be through a blog post, comments or emailing me personally for that matter.

Lets get all set to master...

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